Scrap the Carbon Tax. A growing backlash is developing across Canada against the federally-imposed carbon tax, we were the first voice to fight against this green-washed money grab that hurts the poor and doesn't do what it's designed to do. The Saskatchewan Party, the United Conservatives in Alberta, the Ontario PC Party and even the Liberal Party in Nova Scotia are refusing to accept Trudeau's carbon tax, and we will stand with them.

Reform ICBC. We agree with the Canadian Taxpayers Federation that ICBC should be turned into a co-operative owned by BC drivers. Competition also must be opened up to private companies for basic insurance in order to reduce insurance rates for everyone. It is completely unacceptable that BC drivers now pay the highest insurance premiums in Canada.

Eliminate the Speculation Tax. 

Scrap the Employment Health Tax. This tax hurt businesses and municipal governments while driving up costs already on the rise from the Carbon Tax. This was the absolute wrong direction for reforming MSP. The NDP’s claim that it will save families more $$$ is absurd as businesses will be passing along the extra costs onto the consumer. In 2019 the GreeNDP will be double dipping businesses that already pay MSP as well as municipal governments across British Columbia.

Resource Development. The BC Conservative Party is in favour of all carefully regulated resource development projects, including pipelines, mines, LNG, and forestry. In spite of the most rigorous regulatory framework in the world, the GreeNDP coalition is still trying to kill pipelines, stop mining, and generally say no to the resource economy we depend on in BC. We will streamline the regulatory process and put our northern and interior resource sector back to work.

Family. We recognize the Family is the most important building block of our community and our society.

Parental Rights. We have introduced new policy that adds protection of parental rights as a new responsibility of school trustees under the British Columbia School Act.

Parental Consultation.  The B.C. Conservative Party supports consulting with parents on existing and future curricula for students.

Looking to the future

Autonomous Vehicles. We are at the cusp of a revolution in transportation that will rival the transition from horse to automobile in importance, and autonomous vehicles are coming far faster than we think. The BC Conservatives propose legislation to allow autonomous vehicle testing on BC streets, similar to the legislation enacted in Ontario, but further reaching so that autonomous vehicles can be tested in real-world conditions.


For more party policies, download our Policy Document here.